Anxiety is a painful cluster of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that plagues a huge number of people. Anxiety has even become synonymous with being a human being in the modern age. And there’s plenty for us to be anxious thanks to the pressures on us to achieve and live up to countless goals set by our culture and society. As a sufferer of anxiety, I’ve experimented with all kinds of approaches to assuage the discomfort of poor mental health, including the best tea for anxiety. If you also experience anxiety, I hope the suggestions in this blog are helpful.

Why does anxiety even exist?

Stress and anxiety have served important evolutionary functions. Our fight or flight response has ensured the proliferation of the species. However, in sufferers of chronic anxiety, the flight, fight or freeze response is in over drive, getting activated over stimuli that don’t pose any real danger to us. That doesn’t make the malaise any less real, though. Anxiety happens because we are reacting fearfully to projected scenarios in the past or future. If we can only get back to the present, back to now, we realise that we aren’t in any danger and the anxiety lessens (easier said than done, granted).

What you can do NOW to alleviate anxiety

There are all manner of approaches that can be taken to lessen the grip anxiety has on us and our ability to feel comfortable in our lives and ourselves. As a sufferer of anxiety, I’ve tried loads of them. In the short term, I find meditation, exercise and breathwork to be the most effective: they work for me because they bring me back into my body and therefore the present. Nature also gifts us with plants that have an immediate and powerful calming effect on us.

best tea for anxiety
Our LLG blend almost instantly induces a sense of comfort (in our experience anyway!)

What is the best tea for anxiety then?

My favourite herbs for soothing an anxious moment are linden and lemon verbena. Which is why I think the best Herbaceous Blends tea for anxiety is Linden Chai, Linden, Lavender and Ginger and Spiced Lemon Verbena. NB: We are in no way suggesting that tea cures anxiety, only suggesting teas that might help you better handle your anxiety (legal box ticked.) Linden trees are in bloom at the moment and I’ve realised just how many of the trees we’re lucky enough to have in London: in parks and dotted around pavements too. Check out this brilliant tree map of London to locate your nearest Linden trees. Such is their calming effect that according to Germanic mythology, judicial meetings would be held underneath the trees to ensure calm and measured decisions could be made. Next time you see a linden tree, why not sit beneath it for a while.

I’m happy to say that my anxiety levels these days are a fraction of what they were ten years ago. In short, this is thanks to my continued commitment to my health and happiness (it would take a book to go into details of everything I “did” to tame my anxiety, but feel free to quiz me about it over email).

The best tea for anxiety is the topic of a guest blog post I wrote for the blog, Bloom from the Darkness. It was Amelia’s idea to use this as a topic for a post which goes to show what a poignant issue it is for so many sufferers of anxiety. Head over to read the article I wrote in full.

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