When you think of loose herbal tea you probably imagine tea pots, tea strainers and that wonderful sound of hot tea being poured into a favourite mug. At least I do. You probably don’t think about all the other nifty applications of loose herbal tea. And yet, loose herbal tea is just like any other dried plant: powerful and far reaching in its uses. Consumerism has created more products than the human mind can conceive, many of which serve the same or similar purposes. It serves commerce to buy unique products for unique functions instead of buying one product that does many things. By reading this blog, you’ll be introduced to the many other things you can do with your loose herbal tea besides drinking it. Congratulations, you’ve taken your first step towards revolutionising consumerism!

Use loose herbal tea as a baking or cooking ingredient

If you follow Herbaceous Blends on Instagram, you might have spotted the lemon drizzle cake adorned with our Rose and Ginger blend. In fact, we think the Rose and Ginger would have made an excellent ingredient for inside the cake too. It needn’t stop there, either. Why not make a syrup infused with Linden Chai to douse over a plain sponge? If you’re not one for sweets, herbal teas (depending on the blend) can make a lovely addition to a salad dressing or pesto. We’re thinking Earthy Mint infused vegan pesto. In fact, we fully intend to release a Herbaceous Blends recipe book, featuring sweet and savoury recipes using our loose herbal tea blends. Sound good?

loose herbal tea rose cake
This lemon drizzle cake with raspberries is adorned with our rose and ginger herbal tea blend. Check out the recipe here

Make yourself a nourishing hair or beauty treatment

A very strong cup of herbal tea can be used as a treatment for skin or hair in the place of harsher commercial cosmetics. Neal’s Yard has a brilliant book on this subject (source of much inspiration for me when I was a child). You can knock together a batch of skin scrub by combining oats, polenta and sugar with herbs of your choice, blitzing them into a fine powder and mixing with water to form a paste. Lavender, peppermint and rose are all great herbs for the skin. For a hair rinse, brew herbs of your choosing (nettle, camomile and rosemary are good options, depending on hair type) and combine with apple cider vinegar. Rinse through wet, clean hair.

Congested? How about a facial steam

Colds, hay fever and congestion can strike at any time of year. And we all know there’s nothing worse than a bunged up nose and not being able to taste or smell. Clear those passageways with some loose herbal tea – in steam form. Place peppermint tea in a large bowl and cover with freshly boiled water. Wait for the water to cool slightly. Place your face over the steam and cover the bowl and your head with a towel to keep the steam in. Inhale gently. If the steam is too hot, wait for the water to cool a little.

Make your bath a pot of tea

It’s not just you who relishes at pot of camomile tea of an evening – your bath does too. Adding a strong pot of herbal tea to a bath is a wonderful way to soak up the muscle relaxing properties of camomile, quite literally by osmosis. Brew your pot of camomile two or three times stronger than you would if you were making it to drink. Pour into the bath water. Enjoy. You could even sprinkle some loose camomile straight into the bath for effect.

Use loose herbal tea as a tobacco substitute

Now, we’re not advocating the use of illegal substances. But if you were to be looking for something else to sprinkle into that doobie besides tobacco alongside erm, you know what, you could do worse than herbal tea. We’ve observed this first hand and it seems to work pretty effectively. It sure smells a lot more pleasant than tobacco!

Give your yoni a detox with a yoni steam

What’s a yoni steam, I hear you ask. It’s pretty much the same as a facial steam, but for your yoni. However, much more care needs to be taken when choosing the right herbs to use on the nether regions. (Stay clear of peppermint which is too cooling). Check out this blog for some ideas for yoni steam herbs.

Take a large bowl, sprinkle in your chosen herbs and cover with freshly boiled water. You will need to let the water cool a fair bit – the yoni is far more delicate than the face, after all. Then, squat over the bowl (knickers off) and wrap yourself up in a blanket. Make sure your feet are warm and socked so that you don’t lose any heat to the extremities. For those without yonis, we don’t see why you can’t do this anyway. Just take care not to dip into the hot water!

Dried herbs or flowers make a novel and price effective craft material. Image credit: Unsplash

Get crafty and use loose herbal tea to make original greeting cards

Who wouldn’t be happy to receive a hand made card on a birthday or significant occasion? Especially one brought to life with dried herbs affixed to it? Dried macaroni might be the store cupboard craft of choice for Year Ones, but loose herbal tea is the classier craft counterpart favoured by creative adults. We suggest using a herbal tea that contains bright colours or flowers (camomile, rose and lime blossom all work) and stick down with a liquid, transparent glue.

If you’d like to delve deeper into the medicinal and magical properties of herbs, download our loose herbal tea guide. Otherwise, browse our shop to see our range of teas.

Got another use for loose herbal tea? Share it in the comment box below. 

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