Frequently asked questions about loose leaf herbal teas

Here are some questions we get asked a lot: from packaging and tea sourcing to herbal tea benefits and how to brew loose leaf herbal tea.

Herbal tea benefits

Question Are there any herbal tea benefits I should know about?

The plant kingdom provides almost unlimited bounty when it comes to medicinal offerings. Our blends were not created to be used in the place of medical treatment, but you can find out more about just some of the many beneficial properties of the plants we use in the blends and herbal tea benefits in our guide. Click here to download it.

Our herbs and spices

Question Where do you source your herbs?

We work closely with our supplier, Tea People, to source the very purest herbs for our blends. They have established relationships with many growers during the course of their five years in the industry. Many of these growers farm organically and to Fairtrade standards; the ones that don’t, follow the ideology closely in practice.

Question Are your herbs organic?

At this point in our business’ journey, our herbs and spices are not organic. This is something we are aiming to change in the future once our small business grows and we have the customer base to support the increase in cost that a move to organic herbs would entail. However, many of the herbs we source through our suppliers are grown in keeping with the principles of organic and fair trade farming.


Question Why isn’t the tea in a plastic bag inside the tin?

Herbaceous Blends’ mission is to change mindsets about consumerism and sustainability (and herbal tea, of course). We wanted our packaging to reflect this endeavour by being plastic-free and as minimalistic as possible, without compromising on the freshness of the teas. Your lovely herbal tea will keep fresh for several years stored in a tin. Just keep the tin in a cool, dry place.

Question How do I dispose of the packaging?

We carefully chose our packaging to be 100% recyclable. We toyed with the idea of using a compostable solution, but decided that (for the time being) it is more sustainable for the environment and our business to use tin. Tin is one of the most widely recycled material in the UK. What’s more, your attractive tea tin can be used once empty for all kinds of things. Have a read of our About Us page for more on this.

Brewing loose leaf tea

Question I don’t have a tea pot - what can I do?

You don’t need a teapot to brew a loose-leaf infusion. Use any of the following: a cafetiere, an infuser, a muslin teabag (check out this video for tips on how to make one) or a large jug and a sieve to catch the tea leaves.

We also sell teapots and tea strainers in our shop, if you want something a little less DIY 😉

Question How do I brew the perfect cup of Herbaceous Blends?

First rule of brewing Herbaceous Blends: always use filtered water, especially if you live in a hard water area (such as London).

Boil the water and then let it cool to around 90oC before pouring over the tea. This stops the herbs from being scalded.

Use 1-2 teaspoons of tea per 250ml cup or mug, covering while the tea is brewing. This ensures that plant essential oils – where the magic happens – are retained.

Brew for at least five minutes. Sit back and enjoy.