Loose leaf tea refill bags

100g refill bag of loose leaf tea in a resealable compostable, plastic free pouch. Available for Rose & Ginger, Linden Chai, Exotic Camomile, Earthy Mint.

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One of the reasons we started Herbaceous Blends was to steer the tea industry away from excessive packaging and plastic. This meant choosing the right packaging for our loose leaf tea and also offering more price effective and sustainable packaging formats.

We offer you our 100 g bulk refill bag of loose leaf tea. The resealable pouch is compostable and therefore plastic free. We recommend decanting the tea into a glass kilner jar or into an empty Herbaceous Blends tea tin.

Available blends:

Rose & Ginger:

Our Rose and Ginger tea is a light yet heady infusion reminiscent of Turkish delight. Perfect for when you need a cup of something unusual and satisfying. Delicate and refined.

Linden Chai:

The Linden Chai tea is a strong and spicy yet refreshing blend that soothes and revitalises. The kind of tea that goes with every type of weather or season. A lighter version of the classic chai masala.

Exotic Camomile:

Bitter-sweet camomile blends perfectly with the sweet and aromatic remaining herbs, creating a beautifully balanced and comforting blend.

Earthy Mint:

Three very different green herbs – cool peppermint, herby nettle, citrus lemongrass come together to make a peppermint tea that has depth but is also uplifting in flavour and nature. Soft and minty with a hint of citrus.

Don’t have a Herbaceous Blends tea tin? Go back to the shop to browse our blends in tin format.


Weight 100 g
Dimensions 70 × 130 × 225 mm
Herbal tea

Rose & Ginger, Exotic Camomile, Earthy Mint, Linden Chai


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